Incredible ‘Sims’ Cosplay: This Guy Pissed Himself And Immediately Cried About It

Illustration for article titled Incredible ‘Sims’ Cosplay: This Guy Pissed Himself And Immediately Cried About It

Talk about some incredible Sims cosplay, gamers: This guy pissed himself and immediately started crying about it.


We are seriously blown away.

This devoted fan of Will Wright’s iconic life-simulation franchise urinated all over his khakis and then began heavily sobbing just like one of the in-game avatars! It’s a shame there isn’t a Sims cosplay contest going on right now, because all he needs is to start flashing some Simoleons and he’d be sitting pretty!

Trust us, we’ve seen the dozens of fans every year who put a little green diamond over their heads and pretend to be a sim, and he puts them to absolute shame. By drenching himself in his own urine and breaking down into tears, he has raised the bar for Sims cosplayers everywhere.

And, wow, look at this. He isn’t just peeing and crying anymore. He’s started screaming in a completely indecipherable language and running around frantically while still soaked in his own excretions. This is some seriously immersive cosplay. It almost feels like we’re in the game!

Hats off to this guy. His presentation and attention to detail is out of this world. He seriously must have put hours into putting this whole thing together. We sure hope to see more from him in the future, that is, if he survives; he just accidentally started a fire and has now fallen asleep.

That’s what we call a true Sims fan.