Incredibly Lazy And Unprofessional: This Video Game Developer Is Always The First To Leave His Office At 11:45 P.M. Every Day

Illustration for article titled Incredibly Lazy And Unprofessional: This Video Game Developer Is Always The First To Leave His Office At 11:45 P.M. Every Day

Every company has its weakest link, and at game developer CrushTek Software, that person is programmer David Powell. He apparently doesn’t care that everyone knows how lazy and unprofessional he is because he leaves his office by 11:45 p.m. every single day.


How does this slacker expect games to be released on schedule when he’s waltzing out the door well before midnight?

While every other employee here treats this company like a close-knit family that sticks together no matter how late it gets, this guy seems more concerned with getting back home to his real family before 1 a.m. This entitled diva actually thinks he deserves to spend a luxurious four hours sleeping in his own bed like a king instead of being a team player and catching a quick catnap on the floor of a conference room like everyone else. His employer generously filled the break room fridge with cans of Red Bull, so he doesn’t even need to sleep, and this is how he repays them.

This spoiled ingrate even wastes time going to the bathroom during his shift!

When game development gets down to the wire with just 16 months left until the release date, this isn’t the time for employees to put their health first. Doesn’t he realize how bad it looks to abandon his post just because he’s finished all the coding for the day? Nope. Instead, this shiftless bastard takes a half-assed approach to his job and works from home one Sunday every month!

Sure, the grind is hard, but everyone’s sacrificing. The company’s CEO, for example, is coming into the office four days a week and staying for up to five hours each time before going home. And that’s to do the much harder and more important job of leadership. You don’t see the CEO complaining, and he’s only getting paid $375 million. Too bad that positive attitude isn’t rubbing off.

Mr. Powell had better polish his resume, because he’s definitely getting fired after this game is released to enormous critical and financial success. Of course, he’s already getting laid off no matter how hard he works because the company has been planning cost-cutting layoffs for months to increase their dividend to shareholders. But good luck asking for a recommendation letter after this sort of disrespectful behavior! Let’s just count our blessings that most developers don’t act like this freeloader and refuse to work nonstop for no additional pay, or game companies would have to settle for delaying their game for a few weeks!