InfoWars Moves To Ban Alex Jones

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AUSTIN, TX—Saying that it was a long-overdue step given the radio show host’s history of offensive and dangerous rhetoric, InfoWars reportedly moved Thursday to ban right wing provocateur Alex Jones from its platform. “Mr. Jones has repeatedly violated our policies against hate speech and misinformation, and so we have had no choice but to terminate our relationship with him,” read a statement from InfoWars editor Paul Joseph Watson, citing a litany of abuses committed by the radio host and conspiracy theorist, including harassment of minorities, trans individuals, and the parents of the Sandy Hook victims. “Of course, InfoWars remains committed to free speech, but that does not include repeatedly spreading vicious lies about private individuals. It would be unacceptable, and frankly cowardly, for us to hide behind the First Amendment as this man continues doing real harm. That is why, from today forward, all four of Mr. Jones’s shows will be deleted, and every mention of him will be completely scrubbed from the site.” Watson added that their platform would continue to publish the high-quality reporting on globalism, creeping Sharia, and Deep State false-flag operations that their users had come to expect.