Innovation FTW: New PS5 Controller Features Third Joystick You Operate With Your Tongue

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It might be too early to crown a winner in the next generation console wars, but Sony just gave us a major reason to stake money with these odds! After the exciting reveal of the DualSense controller earlier this month, the console titan just leaked an innovative new feature that will make the PlayStation 5 a must-have: a third joystick that you can operate exclusively with your tongue.

This might be the biggest bet on a controller innovation since the original Wii!

“The DualSense represents a radical departure from our previous controllers that uses revolutionary new salivary sensors to create the first joystick that can only be moved with a gamer’s tongue,” said Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, saying that the company had gone through dozens of conceptual models to sculpt an ergonomic oral joystick that perfectly fits the tongues of all gamers. “Lick up, down, or in a circular motion and the joystick will be able to fully detect that motion-based data and immediately incorporate it into the game world.”


“Developers have free rein to choose how they’ll use the joystick, but we imagine it will generally control the character’s tongue,” he added.

According to the press release, the controller will also be able to monitor the precise amount of saliva you dispense onto the joystick while licking it and subtly modify hundreds of aspects of your avatar’s actions in real time, ranging from licking another character’s face in a multiplayer match to moistening a letter in an immersive walking sim. Better yet, it features a removable slipcover and saliva trap that allows gamers to clean the controller off and get back into the action as soon as possible!


Now, this is the sort of creative design that has to get you excited about the coming generation. Frankly, we haven’t been this excited about a gaming innovation since Sega revealed that you could eat the Sega Saturn Control Pad!