Though they all won’t be able to take home a coveted golden statue, this year’s Oscar nominees will still receive gift baskets worth $125,000. Here’s what’s inside:

  • $8: Pack of toilet-seat covers for disgusting Dolby Theatre bathrooms
  • $199: Handsomely bound, multi-volume history of American Civil War
  • $23,200: Free samples from all 472 celebrities who started vanity fragrance lines this year
  • $12.99: Autographed copy of Acting For The Camera by Tony Barr
  • $500: Movie-quality Robert Duvall mask
  • $79: 2-pound trial size of Tesla Model S
  • $250: Assorted prostheses from the set of Foxcatcher
  • $8.50: Oscar dipping sauce
  • $4 per gram: Emergency cyanide capsule to take in event of capture
  • $36: Pretty nice socks
  • $60,000-$100,000: Three vouchers to redeem complimentary film roles in upcoming B movies or lower