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GRAND RAPIDS, MI—Taken aback by the plump feline’s quite extraordinary nature, sources confirmed Friday that a cat on the internet named Pancake has a girth that one might say is unusual among his species. “Quite peculiar, this feline appears to have proportions far beyond that of the cats I usually encounter,” said internet user Ryan Carbery, delighting in the happy coincidence that such a strange, corpulent creature should find its way into his daily internet browsing routine. “I should inform my fellow citizens of this cat, they may be as entertained by its prodigious circumference as I was. A normal house cat might weigh 15 pounds at most, but this one may be at least three stone. In fact, I would say Pancake is absolutely rotund!” At press time, Carbery had expressed his satisfaction with the cat’s size to other internet users, along with a resolution to lay down his life for the cat should the need arise.


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