Last week, President Bush said he would not rule out using nuclear weapons against enemies wielding weapons of mass destruction. What do you think?

"Well, that seems like a pretty sensible policy that won't have any negative longterm repercussions among nuclear-capable nations already wary of the U.S."

Dana Klugh • Homemaker


"It's about time we had a president who's not afraid to step up to the plate and make the biggest mistake in the history of world civilization."

Don Swartz • Systems <br>Analyst

"He's bluffing. Bush could never bring himself to deliberately nuke that many oil fields."

Cris Porter • Roofer


"That reminds me. I've got some leftover falafel I'm gonna go nuke for lunch. This is called 'displacement behavior.' It is not working."

Carl Roberts • Engineer

"It's like the late '80s all over again: A Bush threatening war, nuclear paranoia, me involved in a protracted legal battle over an alleged sex crime…"

Larry Golub • Gardener


"You know the scariest thing about this whole situation? Me, neither. It's impossible to decide."

Denise Traylor • Graduate <br>Student

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