Iraq And The Nuclear Option

Last week, President Bush said he would not rule out using nuclear weapons against enemies wielding weapons of mass destruction. What do you think?

"Well, that seems like a pretty sensible policy that won't have any negative longterm repercussions among nuclear-capable nations already wary of the U.S."

Dana Klugh • Homemaker


"It's about time we had a president who's not afraid to step up to the plate and make the biggest mistake in the history of world civilization."

Don Swartz • Systems <br>Analyst

"He's bluffing. Bush could never bring himself to deliberately nuke that many oil fields."

Cris Porter • Roofer


"That reminds me. I've got some leftover falafel I'm gonna go nuke for lunch. This is called 'displacement behavior.' It is not working."

Carl Roberts • Engineer

"It's like the late '80s all over again: A Bush threatening war, nuclear paranoia, me involved in a protracted legal battle over an alleged sex crime…"

Larry Golub • Gardener


"You know the scariest thing about this whole situation? Me, neither. It's impossible to decide."

Denise Traylor • Graduate <br>Student

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