Iraqi Prisoner Abuse

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Though the Bush Administration apologized for U.S. abuse of Iraqi prisoners, some feel the coalition's reputation has suffered irreparable damage. What do you think?

"They wanted to provide Iraq with a smooth transition to democracy. We couldn't just plunge them into a non-torture-based society with no time to adjust."

Donald Stiles • Systems Analyst

"I’m sure Bush was deeply saddened by the fact that American soldiers were stupid enough to document their acts of cruelty."

Ricky Thomas • Cartoonist


"Some people want to make military prisons into country clubs— instead of the S&M clubs they are now."

Donna Amundson • Dental Assistant

"Thank God Saddam's in jail so he can't commit atrocities like this anymore."

Charles Wolf • Revenue Agent


"It's not like they made a 70-year-old woman get down on all fours, then climbed on her back and called her a donkey. What? Oh, no."

Joseph <br>Spagnolia • Fabricator

"If we hadn’t tortured those prisoners, we could never have achieved the post-war stability Iraq is currently enjoying."

Sheila Wooster • Underwriter