According to a recent USA Today cover story, oral sex is sharply on the rise among teenagers, many of whom do not consider it a form of sex. What do you think?

"That's a relief. Turns out I haven't been sexually abusing my son, after all."

Bernie Porter • Locksmith


"I was shocked to find that cunnilingus accounted for a full 1.3 percent of these oral-sex cases."

Nina Hahn • Occupational Therapist

"This is just more of the usual conservative-Christian hysteria over teenagers swallowing miles of cock."

Roger Blauvelt • Systems Analyst


"So is it wrong when I tell my students, 'Make love to me with your mouth'?"

Robert Hastings • Teacher

"These teens will believe anything the president goes on TV and says."

Bernice Cole • Medical Assistant


"As a teen math whiz, I can't say I've heard or seen anything about this."

Leonard Doby • Student

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