Is Syria Next?

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Tensions are rising between the U.S. and Syria, which the Bush Administration has warned against harboring fugitive Saddam loyalists. What do you think?

"Syria should know better than to help its allies."

Vincent Gregg • Systems Analyst

"On the one hand, it'd be foolish to extend a military action that has already earned us worldwide enmity. On the other hand, it's right there."

Fran Whalen • Attorney


"I'd watch out for those Syrians. If we can learn anything from their past history, it's that those folks are heavily into smiting."

Christopher Tam • Machinist

"I can think of lots of reasons to attack them, starting with their vital role in funding Sept. 11. What? Syria? I'm sorry, I thought you said Saudi Arabia."

Christina Abel • Dietitian


"After Iraq, I think we should hit Syria, then Iran, then Egypt. Or maybe Iran, then Syria, then Pakistan. Gosh, there are so many ways we could go here."

Dana Dubrow • Homemaker

"What possible justification could we have for going to war with Syria? Oh, I'm just kidding—go right ahead, I don't care."

Rick Swopes • Forklift Operator