Amid protest from Palestinians, Israel began construction on a 25-foot-tall protection barrier on the edge of Jerusalem. What do you think?

"Anyone can tear things down, but it takes someone really special to build things up."

Joseph Berlin • Systems Analyst

"A wall is a good start. It's no 'giant lid over the whole fucked-up region.' But it's a start."

Jeff Lockre • Salesman

"God, these Jerusalemites. You'd think one famous wall would be enough for them."

Karla Vanhoose • Tailor

"As a poet, I see this wall as a metaphor for something—but what?"

Randolph Bunn • Banker


"This plan will definitely solve Israel's problems. Unless the Palestinians somehow get their hands on tunnel-digging 'pick and shovel' technology."

Ed Jin • Driver

"A wall of steel and concrete may stop the Palestinians from entering certain areas, but it cannot stop the Palestinian heart from soaring. That's what the soldiers are for."

Nan Hastings • Choreographer