Items Found In Bin Laden’s Compound

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On Wednesday, the U.S. government declassified more than 400 documents and other material seized from Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan hideout during the 2011 raid that resulted in his death. Here are some of the items found in the former al-Qaeda leader’s compound:

  • Massive library of English-language books, including Saga Of The Swamp Thing #21-#56, The Complete Guide To Swamp Thing, and a rare original edition of House Of Secrets #92 signed by Len Wein, the creator of Swamp Thing
  • Numerous letters to Islamic clerics repeatedly asking for clarification on difference between Sunnis and Shiites
  • Contractor’s blueprints for proposed sundeck addition to Abbottabad compound
  • Unflattering photo of the United States
  • 100-page patent application for improvised explosive device
  • Highlighted text in copy of The Joy Of Cooking that revealed bin Laden either made or was planning to make potato leek soup
  • Some pretty great camera phone footage of helicopter crashing in yard
  • Heartfelt correspondence with family that might actually seem sweet in different context
  • Manual for HP Laserjet Enterprise 500 Color M551dn printer that showed bin Laden enjoyed reproduction of photo-quality color images at speeds of up to 33 pages per minute
  • Detailed map of your hometown
  • Framed picture of his Pomeranian, Mitzi
  • Dozens of doodles depicting himself standing on top of planet Earth with wide smile on his face
  • Note dated May 1, 2011 calling for end to al-Qaeda and violent Islamic fundamentalism