Ivy League Graduate Risks It All For Love Of Consulting

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CAMBRIDGE, MA—Admitting that he was taking a huge gamble by pursuing his passion over more traditional routes, recent Harvard University graduate Philippe Durand told reporters Monday that he was risking it all for his love of consulting. “Working at McKinsey & Company might raise some eyebrows among my family come Thanksgiving, but if I don’t follow my dream to help corporations find management solutions, I might regret it for the rest of my life,” said Durand, who noted that after graduating cum laude from the prestigious university, he could have opted for a more accepted path, but ultimately knew that it was his calling to help companies eliminate inefficiencies and meet quarterly revenue goals. “My parents are both lawyers, so they think moving to New York and trying to cut it as a management consultant is crazy. But I’ve always had this secret passion for identifying redundancies and recommending which underperforming business units to terminate. It’s who I am. It’s the air I breathe. So this isn’t just some silly pipe dream. In my mind, it’s consulting or die.” Durand rushed to add that if things didn’t work out, he could always just become a doctor.