Two jurors in the Michael Jackson molestation trial said they regret acquitting Jackson, and both now have pending book deals. What do you think?

"I, for one, am glad these jurors are finally getting a chance to weigh in on the Jackson trial."

Stephen J. Perrault • Software Engineer


"If these jurors make a lot of money, the jury for the next Jackson molestation trial will be filled with opportunists."

Madeline Novak • Systems Analyst

"Oh, this is just like 12 Angry Men, except this time, it ends with them letting a child molester go free."

Susan L. Brady • Marketing Clerk


"Real-life trials have such hackneyed and predictable endings. Where's the creativity?"

Frederick C. Mish • First-Line Supervisor

"Shouldn't they have known that Jackson was guilty before the trial began?"

Daniel Hopkins • Stenographer


"This is what happens when a sleazy loonball is tried by a jury of his peers."

Meil Serven • Director Of Defining

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