Jeff Bezos Named Amazon Employee Of The Month

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SEATTLE—Recognizing his professionalism and the extra effort he brings each and every day, Amazon announced Thursday that CEO Jeff Bezos was its latest Employee of the Month. “There are a lot of hardworking and talented folks who help make Amazon the success that it is, and Jeff is the perfect example of that,” said Amazon human resources administrator Cara Bowman, adding that, along with having his picture hang in the headquarters’ break room all month, Bezos will be awarded a $50 Target gift card. “Everyone knows Jeff is always coming in early and staying late to get the job done. He’s an energetic go-getter who’s a model to his colleagues, and we’re happy to reward him for all the valuable contributions he makes to the company.” Bowman went on to say that Bezos had also been Employee of the Month previously, in February 2011 and June 2003.