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Facebook and Google recently announced that they will be subsidizing egg-freezing procedures as a benefit for female employees. Here are some other perks and benefits employees enjoy at companies around the nation:

  • National Audubon Society: Employees invited to attend free monthly Avian Speaker Series with lectures given by top birds from around the country
  • Campbell’s: Workers permitted to skim a few spoonfuls of soup from top of chicken noodle vat at end of workday
  • Lockheed Martin: Personnel given 30 minutes each day to make machine gun sounds in plane cockpit of their choosing
  • Caterpillar: Senior employees provided with company steamroller for commute
  • Jiffy Lube: Every Jiffy Lube location features an employee gymnasium furnished with an indoor pool and a 40-foot rock-climbing wall
  • Metropolitan Museum Of Art: Curators permitted to check out paintings for private use when they are not being viewed by visitors
  • BP: Employees will be enrolled in a generous liability-sharing program
  • U.S. Postal Service: Sense of immediacy and living-in-the-now that comes with knowing every day could be government agency’s last
  • Al’s Bowling: Quality time with Al
  • Goldman Sachs: Zero consequences for actions whatsoever

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