John Kelly Loses Seat On NAACP Board Of Directors

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BALTIMORE—In light of his recent comments praising Confederate general Robert E. Lee and attributing the origin of the Civil War to “a lack of an ability to compromise,” the NAACP announced Tuesday that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly would lose his seat on the organization’s board of directors. “Despite his many years of service on behalf of the African American community, General Kelly’s statements are incompatible with the NAACP’s core mission of equality for all persons, making his leadership role no longer appropriate,” said chairman Leon W. Russell, adding that Kelly, who also characterized Lee as “an honorable man,” would stay on in a strictly advisory capacity. “We will always honor General Kelly for his almost 40 years of service to this organization and to African Americans more broadly. While he will no longer serve on our board, we are certain the he will continue his lifelong crusade for racial justice.” At press time, several Confederacy heritage groups had offered Kelly key positions in their organizations, though admitting they were just as surprised as anyone else.