Jordan’s Game-Used Tongue Sold For $1.38 Million At Auction

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DURHAM, NC—Scooped up after a bidding war by a die-hard fan who intends to display it in his private residence, Michael Jordan’s game-used tongue sold for 1.38 million dollars at auction Friday. “We’re talking about a piece of basketball history that was an iconic part of Michael Jordan’s six championships,” said auctioneer Sonny Berkshire, who noted the tongue would have fetched an even higher price tag if it were kept in a smoke-free home. “The iconic photos of Jordan sticking out his tongue didn’t just resonate with NBA fans, but with the larger pop culture. While the tongue had been circulating in the black market—some believe it had pawned off to pay a gambling debt—it’s thankfully been recovered and restored to like-new condition.” In a related event, Dikembe Mutombo’s game-used index finger had sold for a record 5 million dollars.