Journeyman Fan Joins Sixth NFL Team In 5 Years

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HELENA, MT—Continuing his lengthy trek around the league, sources confirmed Friday that 36-year-old journeyman fan Brian Ferretti has joined the Arizona Cardinals, his sixth team in the past five years. “Brian has really bounced around the NFL over the last decade, but I think he’s finally found the right fit with the Cards, and hopefully he’ll stay with them from here on out,” said coworker Tom Murray, adding that Ferretti’s recent teams include the San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos, New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens, and most recently the Seattle Seahawks, who he joined right before the 2013 playoffs. “I think he saw the potential of the Cardinals offense this year under a healthy Carson Palmer and decided they were the right team for him. That said, he’s moved a lot from team to team—I mean, he started out with the Cowboys in the ’90s—so given his history and reputation, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s wearing a different jersey by the middle of the season.” Murray added that this will be Ferretti’s second stint with the Cardinals, having already been with the team briefly for one season in 2008.