K-Y Introduces New Line Of Jam

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Johnson & Johnson, manufacturer of the nation's most popular personal lubricant, K-Y Jelly, held a press conference Monday to unveil its new line of K-Y Jam, which the company has touted as having "that thick, homemade feeling you've been craving."

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"Our new K-Y Jam contains no additives and is made from only the finest natural ingredients, resulting in a luscious blend that's packed with rich, jammy goodness," Johnson & Johnson CEO William Weldon said as he spooned out a dollop of the clear, glycerin-based jam. "A heaping spoonful of this stuff every morning will help you start your day off right." Weldon went on to say that Johnson & Johnson had also begun production on a new line of K-Y Preserves targeted at the 65-and-over set.