Kavanaugh Blasted For Destroying Reputation Of Good Man

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WASHINGTON—Decrying the tactics as a smear campaign against an exemplary judge, Republicans blasted Brett Kavanaugh Friday for destroying the sterling reputation of a good man. “It’s despicable that this individual waited until the 11th hour to engage in offensive, partisan attacks in an attempt to discredit a decent and upstanding man,” said Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), noting that Kavanaugh’s recriminations had repeatedly made a mockery of the entire confirmation process. “We’re talking about a devoted husband and father who was the top of his class at Yale and received accolades from the American Bar Association. And now his life has been destroyed by a completely non-credible individual bent on revenge. He has cast a cloud over this esteemed man and he should be deeply ashamed of the damage he has done to his family and the country as a whole.” Grassley added that he was confident the nomination of a morally upright man who had served his country for decades would not be derailed by the ravings of an inveterate liar like Kavanaugh.