Keeping Your Possessions Safe While Traveling

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Traveling during the summer can be fun and exhilarating, but nothing ruins a trip like getting your possessions stolen. Whether you’re hiking, road-tripping, or relaxing at a resort, here are some tips for making sure your items are safe during your travels:

  • Before traveling to an unfamiliar country, always conduct background checks on each of their citizens
  • When visiting museums, beware that many works of art were hung by pickpockets to distract you while they steal your wallet
  • Only travel with the chalices you absolutely need, and leave the rest at home
  • Never let your hotel room out of your sight
  • Bury your valuables deep within your backpack to ensure you hold up every line and immediately identify yourself as a tourist
  • Max out your credit cards with expensive purchases so criminals can’t use them
  • Be able to tell the difference between a pickpocket and a harmless frotteur
  • Only carry around the kinds of fanny packs, cameras, and guidebooks locals would use
  • Thieves target high-traffic, tourist-heavy areas, so stick to unrenewed urban zones, back alleys, and abandoned wharfs
  • Watch out for scammers by never letting your guard down and just enjoying yourself for even one second
  • If you’re ever mugged abroad, assure your assailant that you will immediately go crying to the American embassy