Illustration for article titled Kentucky Attorney General So Starstruck By Letter From Beyoncé He Unable To Even Read What It’s About

FRANKFORT, KY—Describing feelings of excitement despite social unrest and an inundation of calls for justice after the extrajudicial murder of Breonna Taylor, Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron was reportedly so starstruck this week by the open letter penned to him by world-famous singer–songwriter Beyoncé that he was unable to read what it was about. “Oh my god, oh my god, wow, I can’t believe Queen Bey would want to write a letter to me!” said Cameron before reportedly clapping while he jumped up and down, assuming he was being invited to be a backup dancer or receive VIP backstage passes to her next stadium tour. “I have been a huge fan ever since Destiny’s Child. Work has been really stressful lately, so getting this is just an amazing gift, this is so crazy! My hands are shaking, I don’t even know why someone famous like her would want to talk to me!” At press time, Cameron had crumpled up the letter after realizing it called for the arrest of the officers who murdered Breonna Taylor. 


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