Key Members Of Biden’s Cabinet

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Most of the members of President Joe Biden’s cabinet have been confirmed following months of sometimes tense confirmation hearings. The Onion runs down key members of Biden’s cabinet.


Janet Yellen: Biden’s treasury secretary already earned the nation 3% cash back on qualifying purchases by enrolling in autopay.

Michael Regan: The new EPA administrator has the unenviable task of eating 300 tons of plastic every day.

Merrick Garland: Isn’t that nice of them?

Avril Haines: The first female director of national intelligence...that we know about.

Dr. Mark Craig: This hard-nosed miracle worker left his position as chief of surgery at Boston’s St. Eligius Hospital to help oversee the health department.

Pete Buttigieg: By the end of his term as transportation secretary, Buttigieg hopes to have learned enough to write a killer five-page essay about trains.


Marty Walsh: The former Boston mayor was unanimously confirmed to be secretary of labor by the boys down at the docks.

Alejandro Mayorkas: The first immigrant Homeland Security head is honored to lock up other immigrants.


Antony Blinken: After serving in the Obama administration, Secretary of State Blinken brings a familiar face to the cabinet, which research suggests helps dementia patients.