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Keynote Speaker Enlightens Entire Generation With Theme That World Is Changing

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NEW YORK—Sources at a leadership conference held Thursday at Columbia University reported that successful entrepreneur and guest speaker Adam Barnes radically altered the collective mindset of an audience of college students, as well as the thousands of individuals watching the speech simulcast on the internet, when he delivered his keynote speech contending the world is changing. “Too often we look at our surroundings and our everyday routines and see a world that appears fixed and rigid, but that’s a mistake, and let me tell you why: The world is not a static place—in fact, it’s quite the opposite,” Barnes said to the crowd of awed young adults, all of whom were inspired to reevaluate their professional aspirations and personal relationships in light of the revelatory assertion, an assertion that will assuredly continue to resonate and guide their thinking and behavior for the remainder of their adult lives. “Change can take place over ages so that it’s barely perceptible, and other times it might occur in the blink of an eye, but let me assure you, change is occurring right now as I speak. Believe me, change always happens, and when it does you’d better be ready.” Conference attendees confirmed their perception of the world and their place in it was further shaken when Barnes asked them to raise their hands if they thought technology was going away anytime soon.


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