KIND Bar CEO Admits They Just Sort Of Find The Bars Like That

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NEW YORK—Providing insight into the process by which the company creates its wildly successful line of health-oriented snacks, KIND Bar CEO Daniel Lubetzky admitted Friday that company personnel “just sort of find the bars like that.” “Our factory isn’t so much a traditional production facility as it is a wholesomeness-forward foraging site,” said Lubetzky, explaining that his employees more or less just pick up the bars of pressed, honey-bonded fruits, nuts, and grains as they appear on the ground. “Technically, there are no humans involved in the process, so the bars are by definition ‘all-natural.’ The process also seems to be sustainable—not that we understand it, honestly, but no matter how many almond and coconut or maple-pumpkin seed bars we gather, there are always more the next day, piled up under the eaves and in the corners in drifts. Which is great, because KIND was really struggling as a maker of particleboard furniture until someone figured out you could eat these things.” Lubetzky also revealed that six new strains of KIND bar have begun to materialize just in time for the holidays.