Kind Gesture: ‘Halo Infinite’ Will Let Players Who Are Widows Download A Black Shawl For Master Chief To Wear In-Game

Illustration for article titled Kind Gesture: ‘Halo Infinite’ Will Let Players Who Are Widows Download A Black Shawl For Master Chief To Wear In-Game

Big news for widowed gamers! 343 Industries, developers of this year’s Halo Infinite, just confirmed that players who are widows will be able to download a black shawl for Master Chief to wear in-game. If you’re a Halo fan who’s bereaved and dearly missing your husband, it sounds like the next installment in the epic first-person series will be the one for you!


“We’ve heard feedback from a lot of recently widowed Halo fans telling us that they felt solely playing in the Chief’s signature green armor would be disrespectful to their spouse’s memory,” 343 Industries vice president Bonnie Ross told us via email, saying the downloadable content—which will be available on day one of the game’s release—was the studio’s way of addressing those concerns head-on. “Just send us a scan showing the death certificate of your husband and we’ll email you back with a DLC code for a long, flowing mourning shawl that lets Master Chief signal the depths of your loss.”

“If your beloved husband passed away and you’re planning on jumping into Team Slayer match, you’re definitely going to want to check this content out,” she continued.

Although the shawl provides no in-game advantages besides signaling the player’s ongoing mourning process, 343 Industries was quick to note that Prometheans and other enemies in the game world would shout out “Sorry for your loss” during the single-player campaign before engaging your shawl-cloaked character in battle.

The studio also noted the downloadable content comes along with a customizable action in multiplayer allowing widowed gamers to kneel down and light a candle in front of a photograph of their deceased husband while moaning in sorrow.

Sadly, it sounds like the DLC won’t cover widowers quite yet, but 343 Industries did tease the release of an update early next year that would allow Master Chief to honor a gamer’s deceased wife by removing her threadbare dress from a storage box and deeply smelling the fabric for her scent. Heck yeah, gamers!