KitchenAid Announces It Will Lift Ban On Selling Mixers To Unwed Women

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BENTON HARBOR, MI—Acknowledging a shift in prevailing cultural attitudes, KitchenAid announced Friday it would no longer prohibit sales of its flagship product, the stand mixer, to women who are not married. “We recognize that in today’s world, many women who bake may also wish to remain single, which is why we’re pleased to announce that, effective immediately, we will cease requiring female customers to produce a marriage license or proof of bridal registry when buying a KitchenAid mixer,” said company representative Helen Scharf, adding that for the first time, women would also be allowed to purchase the brand’s products without the presence or permission of a husband or guardian. “We’ve always considered ourselves a family company, but with more lifestyle choices available to women than ever before, we believe the time has come to extend the benefits of properly sifted flour and well-kneaded dough to all, regardless of whether they identify as spinsters, old maids, or even harlots. It is of course our hope that women ultimately decide to use our products to attract a man by making baked goods and other delicious treats for him.” Despite these changes, Scharf confirmed KitchenAid would continue its longstanding policy of voiding the lifetime warranty on any product owned by a divorced woman.