KitchenAid Unveils New All-Terrain Rolling Pin

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BENTON HARBOR, MI—Calling the rugged utensil a necessity for those who bake as hard as they live, KitchenAid on Thursday unveiled its new all-terrain rolling pin. “The DuraDough rolling pin features a larger cylinder diameter lined with specialized treads to take on heavy-duty dough prep,” said company spokesperson Ted Fielding, adding that shock absorbers embedded in the handles ensure a smooth ride even over the roughest cornmeal lumps. “No other pin can maintain its traction in the most severe floured conditions while at the same time tackle focaccia like you’re rolling through phyllo. The DuraDough is also fully compatible with KitchenAid’s chain attachment to avoid getting stuck in gummier gluten-free pie crust.” Fielding went on to say that the long-lasting rolling pin will be good for over 50,000 miles of fresh pasta.