Investigators uncovered 57 child labor violations at a kosher meatpacking facility in Iowa. What do you think?

"Is 57 the number of child labor violations it takes to make something kosher?"

Ken Smith • Systems Analyst


"Man, having to slaughter animals by the kosher process of a single cut across the throat to a precise depth, severing both carotid arteries, both the jugular veins, the vagus nerves, the trachea and the esophagus, no higher than the epiglottis and no lower than where the cilia begin inside the trachea, thus causing the animal to bleed to death would probably really fuck you up as a kid.”

Carol Williams • Quality Control Inspector

"Nothing's going to happen, though. Everyone knows that Jews control the kosher-meatpacking-facility media."

Bix Blumenthal • Haberdasher

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