L.A. Designates Open-Air Dining Areas Along 101 Freeway Median

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LOS ANGELES—In an effort to provide residents with a way to more safely patronize restaurants without fear of contracting Covid-19, Los Angeles officials announced a new initiative Tuesday to designate open-air dining areas along the 101 freeway median. “We’re thrilled to take this bold step to give Angelinos a chance to dine while enjoying the sights and sounds of the iconic L.A. stretch of interstate highway,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti, telling reporters that the designated sections would be spaced out at socially distant intervals and minimize contact with servers by keeping restaurant staff on the opposite side of the road until they needed to dash across three lanes of traffic to take orders and serve food. “This will provide much-needed economic relief to local restaurants and give L.A. residents a chance to get out of their homes and enjoy some of the best cuisine in the country in a safe and responsible way.” At press time, Garcetti had placed the initiative on a temporary pause after a 10-car pileup caused widespread delays to brunch orders.