Illustration for article titled Las Vegas Residents Worried That Proposed Construction Of New Casino In Town Will Bring In Riff-Raff

LAS VEGAS—Explaining that they would rather not have their quaint, wholesome community corrupted by the wrong elements, residents of Las Vegas told reporters Thursday that they were worried the proposed construction of a new casino in town would bring in riff-raff. “I love being able to walk down the strip and feel comfortable and safe, and I’m concerned that if this new resort and casino opens, it will attract all kinds of rabble,” said longtime Las Vegas inhabitant Gary Calvin of his concerns about the morals of his small town potentially loosening, explaining that he doesn’t want his three chidren exposed to rambunctious tourists or drunks wandering around the streets. “I know it will bring in revenue to the city, but we’ve worked hard to create a family values-driven culture here, and this will put that in jeopardy. I didn’t move to Vegas for all the glitz and glamor, I mean, I got out of Atlantic City for a reason.” Calvin expressed concern that building a casino would lead to more opening, adding that “before you know it, the whole town will be full of them.”


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