Last-Minute Holiday Travel Tips

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Whether you’re rerouting canceled flights or changing destinations on the fly, nothing can be more stressful during the holidays than making travel arrangements at the last minute. Here are some tips for planning and taking trips on a time crunch:

  • Instead of visiting the most popular travel spots, consider visiting off-peak relatives such as a distant cousin or socially inappropriate uncle.
  • Use multiple booking sites for the opportunity to comb through the same hopelessly overpriced flights in a variety of different website layouts.
  • Even for overbooked flights, airlines will accommodate last-minute tickets if you shrilly ask, “Is there anything you could possibly do?”
  • Airport security can take longer than expected. Be sure to huff and sigh so TSA knows you’re in a hurry.
  • See if you can earn a few bucks back on your plane ticket by offering to serve the mid-flight beverages and snacks.
  • Save money by booking your flights personally with the pilot himself.
  • Avoid costly airport parking by leaving your car on the side of the road with its hazards on.
  • To immediately clear bumper-to-bumper traffic, simply honk your horn. You are important. Your problems are unique. People will listen.
  • Flying into a smaller, more out-of-the-way airport is a great way to save hundreds of dollars that you can then immediately spend on a cab to drive you the remaining few hours to your actual destination.
  • Bundled travel packages can offer big last-minute discounts if you’re willing to do something unpleasant or unpopular.
  • However you’re traveling, don’t weigh yourself down with unnecessary items like books, clothing, toiletries, identification, or significant others.