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WASHINGTON—Claiming the nationally celebrated students should be disqualified from taking any stance on the issue, Fox News host Laura Ingraham said Friday that protesting Parkland high schoolers are insufficiently knowledgeable concerning guns to criticize Nicholas Cruz. “These are just ignorant kids who don’t know the first thing about the manufacture, operation, or care of firearms, yet they think they have the right to attack Nicholas Cruz,” said Ingraham, who asserted the Parkland shooting survivors’ lack of knowledge about the difference between automatic and semiautomatic weapons, bullets and cartridges, or magazines and clips constituted proof they should shut their mouths instead of demonizing Cruz. “These kids don’t know the four common components of ammunition, or the difference between revolvers and semiautomatic pistols, and they probably think AR means ‘assault rifle.’ So who are they to say anything about his rights as a gun owner? If you don’t know anything about guns, then shut up and stop complaining about Nicholas Cruz, who legally purchased his rifle.” Ingraham also added that the Parkland students should stop demonizing their opponent merely because of his ownership and lethal use of firearms and instead engage Cruz in honest, respectful debate.


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