Led Zeppelin Sued Over ‘Stairway To Heaven’

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, members of the rock band Led Zeppelin, appeared at trial this week over allegations they stole the chord progression for “Stairway To Heaven” from “Taurus,” a song by Zeppelin’s 1960s tourmates Spirit, though Page and Plant maintain they wrote their iconic song in a remote cottage in Wales and were not influenced by “Taurus.” What do you think?

“Oh, please. ‘I wrote my hit song in an isolated cottage’ is the oldest excuse in the book.”

Mira Barlow • Statistics Compiler


“It was the ’60s! Everyone was ripping off Spirit back then.”

Wally McGraw • Sand Raker

“If anyone deserves a writing credit it’s clearly the lush, inspiring Welsh countryside.”

Abel Gustafson • Knot Tightener