Left-Handed Hitter Sends Little League Team Into Panic

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WILLIAMSPORT, PA—Panic, confusion, and general chaos swept over the West Chandler, AZ Little League Sunday when, without warning, a player from the South Lubbock, TX team entered the left-handed batter's box. "Lefty! Lefty! Lefty! Lefty! Lefty! Lefty!" said first baseman Cody Bellinger, apparently unable to do anything except point helplessly at left-handed-hitting Garrett Williams as he notified his teammates of the improbable and unexpected situation. "Watch out, right field! Watch out, second base! Everyone watch out! Right field, move over! Over! I'll cover first!" Manager Jeff Parrish, who was evidently caught off guard and too paralyzed with shock to speak in an intelligible manner, loudly repeated the command "Shift!" for two straight minutes, during which the South Lubbock batter struck out on four pitches.