Legalizing Pot In Canada

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Last week, a Canadian parliamentary committee recommended that the government legalize the use of marijuana. What do you think?

"If they do legalize pot, they're gonna be the world's number-one economic power in no time, 'cause you can make anything out of hemp."

Dan Zorn • Cashier

"The last thing we need is a glut of web sites explaining how, if you watch Strange Brew while listening to Rush's 2112, it all matches up."

Erin Parker • Biologist


"I just hope no marijuana slips into the U.S."

Doris Atkinson • Librarian

"I'm gonna toke up, sit back, and watch the geese."

Bob Edwards • Lawyer


"Yeah, I heard about that. They're doing the same thing in Canada."

Cameron Davis • Welder

"They're legalizing pot, plus they already have free health care and almost no crime? Now, why exactly do we always make fun of them, again?"

Eric Donald • Systems <br>Analyst