Illustration for article titled LEGO Unveils Line Of Playsets Commemorating Children Who Choked To Death On One Of Their Blocks

BILLUND, DENMARK—In a touching tribute to their deceased young fans, toymaking giant LEGO unveiled a new line of playsets Thursday commemorating all the children who have choked to death on one of their interlocking construction blocks. “We are excited to finally introduce LEGO Dead Creator, a new series of playsets featuring purple-faced minifigures honoring the thousands of young builders who saw a colorful brick, loved it enough to put it in their mouth, and eventually asphyxiated,” said a press release of the collection, which features the debut of the new LEGO Children’s Ambulance, Pediatric Trauma Center, and Infant Cemetery kits, where more than 25 new Accidental Death Toddler figurines can suffocate, die, and be somberly mourned. “Now you can let your imagination run wild, creating an infinite number of commemorative storylines for gasping minifigs from 8-year-old Connor, who passed away last March after swallowing a Lego Stormtrooper head during recess, to little Grace, who gagged on a red 4-by-4 block in 1983 while the babysitter wasn’t looking. Classic!” At press time, the line’s launch had been delayed indefinitely due to concern over the risk of possible choking deaths.


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