Letter Of Recommendation Clearly Written Under Duress

ST. PAUL, MN—Prospective employers of regional sales coordinator candidate Karyn Randall have noted that a glowing, if somewhat halting, letter of recommendation attached to her résumé appeared to have been authored by a former supervisor under extreme compulsion. "Karyn has an unusually insistent style of conducting business, undeniably effective in both achieving her goals and giving those she works with a greater awareness of her value, the value of their lives, how much they love their wife and two daughters, and how desperately they want to live," the letter, signed by Randall's previous employer Edward DiFillipo, read in part. "For the love of God, please, hire Ms. Randall. She will be a true asset—you've got to believe me." Randall recently found employment at the marketing branch of 3M, where her anxious and perspiring supervisors have already granted her three promotions and five pay raises.