Levi’s Factory Implicated In Cruel Treatment Of Denim Cows

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VERNON, CA—A Levi’s factory in southern California is facing a firestorm of criticism this week after an industrial worker’s cell phone video leaked on the internet revealing the plant’s brutal treatment of its denim cows. “We at Levi’s are committed to providing all our denim livestock with the compassion and dignity they deserve, be it our slim fit, stonewashed, low rise, or boot cut cattle,” operations manager Scott Harleston said in a press statement after protesters flooded Levi’s social media accounts with screenshots showing the cramped, neatly stacked piles in which its 505 Regular Fit steers are forced to live. “The conditions depicted in that video were incongruous with Levi’s longstanding core principles, and the employees responsible have been disciplined accordingly. We apologize, and we’re currently working hard to ensure that every one of our denim animals, from our largest comfort fit bulls to our smallest capri calves, live in clean and safe conditions and that their fabric is harvested as humanely as possible.” The video’s release marks the industry’s biggest animal cruelty controversy since a graphic 2009 documentary exposed the Dockers factory’s practice of pleating its Classic Khaki cows while they were still alive.