Limited-Edition Russet Potato Comes With Certificate Of Authenticity

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IDAHO FALLS, ID—In an offer commemorating the legendary spring 2018 growing season, Wada Potato Farms released a limited edition of russet potatoes Friday, all of which will be accompanied by exclusive certificates of authenticity. “We’ve listened to our fan’s complaints about all the counterfeit potatoes on the market, and we believe providing official proof of provenance will help the tuber collector establish that their potato is the genuine article without diminishing its value,” said Wada Farms CEO Bryan Wada, who noted that each certificate would be numbered on site at the barn, certified by an agricultural notary, and stamped with the official crest of the Idaho Potato Commission in the presence of two expert vegetable witnesses. “We believe collectors will appreciate our efforts in providing this level of authentication. Between the watermark and the gold leaf around the edges, the certificate is quite the impressive piece—worthy of accompanying the best, most flavorful, most wholesome potatoes Wada has ever produced. In a day and age when eBay is flooded with knockoffs, you want to know your $500 is getting you the real deal, and we’re happy to provide.” Wada Potato Farms claims preorders for all the 2018 commemorative edition potatoes have already sold out, easily outdoing the limited-edition Ronald Reagan potatoes Wada released to commemorate the 1984 general election.