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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Announcing that consumers no longer need to settle for plain, drab dental features, Johnson & Johnson unveiled its new line of Listerine mouth styling gels Wednesday. “With our new styling gels, consumers can finally get the look they truly want for their lips, gums, and tongue,” said company spokeswoman Colleen Winslow, adding that, by applying just a dime-sized drop of one of the original, cool mint, or fresh citrus antiseptic creams to their hard palates, users can then shape their mouths into any style they choose, from a professional groomed look to a more tousled “just woke up” appearance. “Working in a small dab for a dry, matte mouth will always be a popular style, but users can also apply it right after their shower to get a tongue and gum line with a nice glistening sheen. Of course, with such great hold, you can really massage it in and achieve a thick, sculpted mouth that’s guaranteed to last all day.” Winslow added that Listerine is also currently developing a line of tooth-volumizing products for consumers who are self-conscious about losing their teeth.


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