Local Los Angeles Awards Show Slated To Open For Grammys

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LOS ANGELES—Calling it a great opportunity for viewers to see some lesser-known talent, event organizers confirmed this week that local Los Angeles-area awards show the SoCal Music Honors will open for the Grammys Sunday night. “With their high-energy celebration of performers in the greater Los Angeles County area, the SoCal Music Honors are expected to kick off the night with a lively show hosted by some real rising stars in the music-awards scene,” said David Fricke of Rolling Stone, adding that the recently formed event will have a tight 40-minute window to perform their show before roadies wheel away their equipment from the main stage and begin setting up for the Grammys. “Obviously, most of the audience will be here for the Grammys and probably won’t arrive until the tail end of the SoCals, but this will still be an incredible chance for these up-and-coming hosts and presenters to gain national exposure. Who knows, one day we might even see some of these same guys handing out trophies at the Grammys, or even the Billboards.” Fricke noted that the SoCals were actually a last-minute replacement after the awards show originally signed to open, the Santa Monica Indies, abruptly disbanded.