Local Woman Considers Telling Gynecologist Whole Truth

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ST. LOUIS—Taking a moment to consider the possibility that having an honest conversation with her doctor may actually be beneficial, local woman Denise Bowers said Tuesday that she was thinking about telling her gynecologist the whole truth. “Maybe this time I’ll just bite the bullet and let her know everything,” said Bowers, who sat in the waiting room ahead of her appointment and quietly contemplated the prospect of openly detailing her symptoms to her gynecologist for the first time in her sexually active life. “On the other hand, she’s a professional, so she’ll probably figure it out herself, right? I mean, maybe I can strike a balance by answering truthfully any direct questions she asks but not volunteering any information on my own.” At press time, Bowers was mentally calculating the precise amount of information she would have to divulge in order to obtain powerful prescription antibiotics.