Lohan Banned From Hotel For $46,000 Unpaid Bill

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Actress Lindsay Lohan has been banned from the chic Chateau Marmont hotel in Hollywood, where she lived during June and July, after failing to pay $46,350 in accommodations charges, room service, restaurant tabs, and cigarette and mini-bar fees. What do you think?

“That’s why my wife and I always make sure to use our AAA discount whenever we spend a few months living at the Chateau Marmont.”

Penny Moore • Manicurist

“The pay-per-view movies are where they get you.”

Charles Machione • Offset Duplicating Machine Operator


“What a cruel thing to do to the Chateau Marmont. They’re still trying to dig themselves out of the financial hole left by F. Scott Fitzgerald.”

Wes Pulido • Fishing Guide