London Bombings

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London subways and buses have been targeted in two subway attacks in recent weeks. What do you think?

"What? Did these madmen not hear the world denounce these acts just weeks ago?"

Joshua Banks • Veterinary Aid

"Well, it certainly led to a lot of poorly Photoshopped crying lions and unicorns in my e-mail."

Derrick Powers • Roofer


"The sad thing is, London may now develop anti-Pakistani racism for the first time in its history."

Dalia Lofton • Systems Analyst

"Whatever dangers London may face, I am confident that the strong leadership of Her Majesty the Queen can handle any challenge."

Allen Ward • Nurse


"Are the Brits flying into a blind rage and invading an oil-producing country for no reason? Well, why not?"

Carolyn Allen • Fire Inspector

"As an Irishman, I think whoever's behind this should be found and punished if it isn't us."

Rodney Price • Daycare Operator