Long-Forgotten G4 Correspondent Still Producing Remote Segment On 2012 E3

Illustration for article titled Long-Forgotten G4 Correspondent Still Producing Remote Segment On 2012 E3

Among the dozens of video game journalists covering this year’s E3 was a, let’s just say surprising, face: Kevin Pereira, a long-forgotten G4 correspondent, was seen still producing a remote segment on 2012’s convention.


The host for the now-defunct digital cable channel, who had a wild, bushy beard and was wearing a frayed, filthy suit, was spotted at E3, wandering around and asking attendees their thoughts on Dead Space 3 while holding a microphone that didn’t seem to be plugged into anything. As heads of major gaming studios announced hyped titles and executives confirmed details about upcoming ninth-generation consoles, the disheveled former correspondent for Attack Of The Show! was proclaiming his excitement for Wii U’s rumored hardware specs while speaking into a nonexistent camera.

Looks like someone didn’t get the memo.

“It was really weird; he came up to me and asked whether I was more excited for Call Of Duty: Black Ops II or Pikmin 3, and when I started to tell him those were old games, he just bolted, saying he was late for EA’s unveiling of Madden ’13,” said conference attendee Alexis Moreno, explaining how Pereira appeared to be wearing the same tattered suit jacket and shirt from seven years ago and acted like he was receiving messages in an earpiece even though the network had completely disbanded and all his colleagues had moved on to different jobs years ago. “He had the most delirious look in his eyes as he kept saying, ‘Now let’s go to Adam Sessler and Olivia Munn for their take on the Halo 4 trailer. But there wasn’t any camera or crew around to film him.”

“He also smelled like complete shit,” she added.

Pereira had to be restrained by Los Angeles Convention Center security guards after the cutting-edge graphics from Cyberpunk 2077 sent him into a frenzy of panic and confusion, leading him to scream and roll around convulsing on the floor.