Illustration for article titled ‘Look At All The Tiny Houses,’ Whispers Trump As Jet Reaches 10,000 Feet

SAN DIEGO—Leaning forward in his seat and pushing his face close to the window, presidential candidate Donald Trump reportedly whispered “Look at all the tiny houses” to himself as his private jet reached 10,000 feet during a flight to his next campaign event Wednesday. “Whoa, there are so many,” said the presumptive Republican nominee in a hushed but excited tone of voice, squinting while using his thumb and forefinger to pretend that he was holding one of the small buildings as he sat entirely alone in the cabin of his private Cessna 750 Citation X aircraft. “Oh, that one has a pool! And there’s that big one over there—I bet that’s a school.” As the plane then ascended to 20,000 feet, a wide-eyed Trump was reportedly overheard counting aloud all the clouds he could see.

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