Lowe’s Introduces 2-Way Ladder User Can Also Climb Down

Illustration for article titled Lowe’s Introduces 2-Way Ladder User Can Also Climb Down

MOORESVILLE, NC—Saying the innovation would be useful for both professional contractors and DIY-ers alike, home improvement giant Lowe’s introduced Friday a two-way ladder with added functionality that allows users to climb down. “With our new, easy-to-use bi-directional ladder, you can say goodbye to shimmying down the drain spout or leaping onto a nearby mattress once your project is finished,” said Lowe’s spokesperson Connie Chapman, emphasizing that the patented, industry-first EverVertical™ design allows consumers to safely mount and dismount the sleek aluminum ladder without the dangers of flipping it upside down in order to descend face-first. “No need for the hassle, clutter, and added expense of owning both an up ladder and down ladder. Now, you can simply step back onto the same slip-resistant traction-tread rungs you used to ascend.” Chapman added that Lowe’s continues to offer a wide selection of stackable patio furniture for customers to stand on while cleaning the gutters.