Luka Doncic Spends Offseason Adding New Complaints To Repertoire

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DALLAS—Telling reporters about the adjustments he had made to his game over the summer, Dallas Mavericks point guard Luka Doncic confirmed Monday that he spent his offseason adding a variety of new complaints to his repertoire. “The offseason is about looking for ways to improve, so I’ve been really working hard on the accuracy and placement of my hands when I’m gesturing to officials about a call they blew, and I’ve also learned a few new expletives,” said Doncic, adding that his commitment to improving his complaining game included at least 100 reps per day practicing whining to referees about a player who he believed had offensively charged him. “I’ve really been practicing getting from the scene of an alleged infraction to an official a split second faster, since every moment counts when you’re telling a ref that the call he just made was bullshit and he should reverse it. Also, I got a couple of my buddies to train with me dressed as officials so I could simulate game conditions of really getting in their face to protest them treating me unfairly. I’m confident that this season, I can take my bitching to another level.” Doncic added that he had also spent hours watching tape of some of the greatest on-court complainers of all time, including Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, and LeBron James for moves that he could integrate into his own game.